Kuvuk Siberian Puppy outside on the grass

PET CARE Front-Line

The pet’s owner is front line to pet care and skin inspections. When our staff sees your pet they are looking at the skin and health of their coat. Our groomers may also spot any pain issues.

When we groom your pet we sometimes spot potential health problems on the pet’s skin. Our trained and experienced pet groomers will notice any; lumps, parasites, lesions etc. that the owners might not see. Our tools are professionally sanitized between uses on different pets to prevent the spread of parasites and disease.

Owners trust Margie’s recommendations. Our staff report the issues to the pet owner and often we make suggestions to change the pet-food. Sometimes we recommend that the problem is further investigated by a veterinarian. We have a good working relationship with all the veterinarians in the region and they respect our observations.

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